Back: Refers to C and D side of building, far from Mcdonald
Front: Refers to A and B side of the building, side McDonald's is on
E Hallway: Connect the two
New Building: Where the clinics and the OR's are located, closest to McDonald

Also has the Heme, Chemistry Labs
STAT LAB: Directly across from the ER entrance

Opthamology Clinic: ?
Derm Clinic: 1st floor in the front; actually in the old part of grady but is near the medicine clincs
Wound Clinic: Not sure, I think it's on 10 C
Dialysis: It's on 9C
Ortho Clinic: It's in the new clinic part on the 3rd floor, sort of near radiology
CT: It's in the old part of grady, all the way in the very back of the building

CT Holding: Actually on the 3rd floor, basically it's right above where the cafeteria is, it's off of the E hallway; when your walking from the A/B side of the building back to the C/D side of the building, it's on your left

Med Clinic I: 1st floor, new part of grady, closest to mcdonald's

Med Clinic II: 1st floor, new part of grady

Sickle cell clinic: On the ground floor, on the mcdonald's side but in the very back of the building (mcdonald's being the front)