AudiologyGMH General5-4679
Admits/Bed ControlGMH General5-4058
ChaplainGMH General5-4270
Central SupplyGMH General5-3984
ComputerGMH General5-1715
DialysisGMH General5-4710
DictationGMH General5-5270
EEGGMH General5-4457
EKGGMH General5-4441
ElevatorGMH General3-9043
EMGGMH General3-9397
ENTGMH General5-4679
Eye (1)GMH General5-4671
Eye (2)GMH General5-4678
GynGMH General5-4646
HolterGMH General5-4420
HousekeepingGMH General5-4066
Infectious Disease ClinicGMH General5-2440
NeuroGMH General5-4567
NutritionGMH General5-4301
OncologyGMH General5-4369
OperatorGMH General5-4307
OphthalmologyGMH General5-4671
Ophtho (PIC)GMH General5-5150
ORGMH General5-4575
Oral SurgeryGMH General5-4469
OstomyGMH General5-4623
OrthopedicsGMH General5-4473
OTGMH General5-4177
PainGMH General5-5522
PedsGMH General5-4394
Pharm (D/C)GMH General5-4343
Pharm (Inpt)GMH General5-4118
Pharm (Outpt)GMH General5-4117
PICGMH General5-1315/26
PoisonGMH General5-9000
Psych (1)GMH General5-4762
Psych (2)GMH General5-4781
PTGMH General5-4074
PulmGMH General
RecordsGMH General5-4280
RehabGMH General5-4074
SecurityGMH General5-4100
SickleGMH General5-3572
Social WorkGMH General5-4195
SpeechGMH General5-8266
Sub-Spec ClinicGMH General5-2501
TranscriptionGMH General5-4279
TransportationGMH General5-8149
UrologyGMH General5-3577
AngioGMH Radiology5-7006
ECC-CTGMH Radiology5-2649
3rd Floor CTGMH Radiology5-4515
Neuro Reading RoomGMH Radiology5-7055
General RadiologyGMH Radiology5-4500
MRIGMH Radiology5-6760
MRI Reading RoomGMH Radiology5-6767
NuclearGMH Radiology5-4602
Stat-ECCGMH Radiology5-4001
Stat-Reading RoomGMH Radiology5-4002
UltrasoundGMH Radiology5-4519
File RoomGMH Radiology5-3933
ABGGMH Labs5-4556
Blood BankGMH Labs5-4839
BronchoscopyGMH Labs5-4455
Cath Lab (1)GMH Labs5-4451
Cath Lab (2)GMH Labs5-3901
ChemistriesGMH Labs5-4835
CytologyGMH Labs
EchoGMH Labs
Echo RoomGMH Labs5-4697
Heme (1)GMH Labs
Heme (2)GMH Labs
HolterGMH Labs
ImmunologyGMH Labs5-4814
MicroGMH Labs
Path (surg)GMH Labs
PulmGMH Labs
ToxicGMH Labs
UrineGMH Labs
VascularGMH Labs
Red Zone (1)GMH ECC Zones5-6435
Red Zone (4)GMH ECC Zones5-6438
Green Zone (1)GMH ECC Zones
Red Zone (2)GMH ECC Zones5-6436
Red Zone (3)GMH ECC Zones5-6437
Green Zone (2)GMH ECC Zones
Green Zone (3)GMH ECC Zones
Yellow Zone (1)GMH ECC Zones
Yellow Zone (2)GMH ECC Zones
Yellow Zone (3)GMH ECC Zones
Blue ZoneGMH ECC Zones5-6458
2J Gyn/OB (1)GMH Floors5-7955
2J Gyn/OB (2)GMH Floors5-7934
3A OrthopedicsGMH Floors5-4473
3B Burn UnitGMH Floors5-3714
4AGMH Floors5-3638
4K-ICUGMH Floors5-3758
5A TeleGMH Floors5-4682
5AGMH Floors5-4700
5AGMH Floors5-4701
5BGMH Floors5-4685
5J-NGMH Floors5-4690
5J-SGMH Floors5-4690
5KGMH Floors5-4942
6AGMH Floors5-4635
6BGMH Floors5-4638
6J/ORGMH Floors5-4575
7AGMH Floors5-4605
OGMH Floors7J-N MICU (1)
7J-N MICU (2)GMH Floors5-3530
7J-N MICU (3)GMH Floors5-3531
7J-N MICU (4)GMH Floors5-3532
7J-N MICU (5)GMH Floors5-3533NOTES
7J-S MICU (1)GMH Floors5-3608
7J-S MICU (2)GMH Floors5-3699
7J-S MICU (3)GMH Floors5-9524
7J-S MICU (4)GMH Floors5-9525
7K (IN) CCUGMH Floors5-4663
7K (IS) (1)GMH Floors5-4626
7K (IS) (2)GMH Floors5-4628
7L (SICU)GMH Floors5-4491
8AGMH Floors5-4641
8BGMH Floors5-4762
9AGMH Floors5-4645
10AGMH Floors5-3695
11A (Neuro)GMH Floors5-4729
12A (Inpatient 1)GMH Floors5-4693
12A (Inpatient 2)GMH Floors5-4612
12A (Inpatient 3)GMH Floors5-4614
12A (Gen Surg)GMH Floors5-4611
12A (Med Surg)GMH Floors5-4693
12A GreenGMH Floors5-4614
12B GreenGMH Floors5-4641
13 CSUGMH Floors5-4789
13A Psy (IN)GMH Floors5-4781
13B Psy (ER)GMH Floors5-4762
AsthmaGMH Clinics
BreastGMH Clinics
BurnGMH Clinics
CardiologyGMH Clinics5-4425
CoumadinGMH Clinics
DermatologyGMH Clinics
DiabetesGMH Clinics
Drug Dep (DDU)GMH Clinics
ENTGMH Clinics
Eye (1)GMH Clinics
Eye (2)GMH Clinics
Family PlanningGMH Clinics
GUGMH Clinics
GIGMH Clinics
Gyn/OB (GEC)GMH Clinics5-4646
HandGMH Clinics
Head/Neck (1)GMH Clinics
Head/Neck (2)GMH Clinics
Medical SchedulingGMH Clinics
Med Clinic 1GMH Clinics
Med Clinic 2GMH Clinics
Med Clinic 3GMH Clinics
NeurologyGMH Clinics5-4567
OTGMH Clinics
Oral SurgeryGMH Clinics5-4469
OrthopedicsGMH Clinics
PECGMH Clinics
PediatricsGMH Clinics5-4390
Peds SurgeryGMH Clinics5-4591
PlasticsGMH Clinics
PsychGMH Clinics5-4784
PTGMH Clinics5-4076
PulmGMH Clinics5-4305
RehabGMH Clinics4076
RenalGMH Clinics5-4748
RheumGMH Clinics5-8679
Sickle CellGMH Clinics5-3572
SmokingGMH Clinics
Spec OBGMH Clinics5-4629
SpeechGMH Clinics5-4679
SurgeryGMH Clinics5-4591
TraumaGMH Clinics5-4591
VascularGMH Clinics5-4591
Psych ERGMH Clinics5-4762
OB ERGMH Clinics5-4956
UCCGMH Clinics5-8656
Chief (office)GMH Other5-7030
P. MooreGMH Other5-3598
D. ZiemerGMH Other5-3968
EvansGMH Other5-7610
Needle StickGMH Other5-STIX
Grady (1)GMH Chief Residents404-616-7030
Grady (2)GMH Chief Residents404-616-7027
EmoryGMH Chief Residents404-727-2993
Crawford LongGMH Chief Residents404-686-3260
VAGMH Chief Residents404-235-3000
CobbAtlanta-Area Hospitals770-732-4000
Decatur HospitalAtlanta-Area Hospitals404-501-6700
DouglasvilleAtlanta-Area Hospitals770-949-1500
Emory Adventist770-434-0710
Atlanta Medical Ctr404-265-4000
Gwinett Medical Ctr678-442-4321
PiedmontAtlanta-Area Hospitals404-605-5000
St. Joseph'sAtlanta-Area Hospitals404-851-7001
Windy HillAtlanta-Area Hospitals770-644-1000
Crawford Long Hosp.404-686-1000
Dekalb Medical CtrAtlanta-Area Hospitals404-501-1000
Emory Univ. HospAtlanta-Area Hospitals404-712-4611
Fayette MedicalAtlanta-Area Hospitals770-719-7000
Grady Memorial HospAtlanta-Area Hospitals404-616-4307
Kennestone (Marietta)Atlanta-Area Hospitals770-793-5000
PauldingAtlanta-Area Hospitals
Southern RegionalAtlanta-Area Hospitals770-991-8000
VAAtlanta-Area Hospitals
9A Resident RoomGMH Floors5-3276
7AGMH Floors5-9110
7AGMH Floors5-9109
7AGMH Floors5-4685
Lorette RobinsonGMH Social Worker404-766-5391
Veronica SmallwoodGMH Social Worker404-342-3789
PT Pager404-833-2268Pager to get in touch with PT
Alicia HidronGMH General5-7027La Jefa
fax number in medical recordsGeneral5-4308
Emory Psychpsych_hospitals404-712-5628 (Day)
Emory Psychpsych_hospitals404-712-4649
Emory Psych Fax #psych_hospitals404-712-4649
Dekalb Medical Psychiatric Hospitalpsych_hospitals404-501-7720
Dekalb Medical Psychiatric Hospital Fax #psych_hospitals404-501-1869 Fax Weekdays
Dekalb Medical Psychiatric Hospital Fax # Weekendspsych_hospitals404-501-3188 Fax # Weekend
Laurelwood Hospital (Gainesville)psych_hospitals770-531-3800
Laurelwood Hospital (Gainesville) Fax #psych_hospitals770-538-7120 FAX
Riverwood Psych Hospitalpsych_hospitals770-991-8500 or 770-991-8008
Riverwood Psych Hospitalpsych_hospitals770-991-8577 Weekend #
Riverwood Psych Hospitalpsych_hospitals770-991-8507 fax #
Riverwood Psych Hospitalpsych_hospitals770-991-8578
Summit Ridge Hospitalpsych_hospitals678-442-5800
Atlanta Medical Psychpsych_hospitals404-265-1200
Atlanta Medical Psych fax #psych_hospitals404-265-4389
Anchor Hospitalpsych_hospitals770-991-6044
Anchor Hospitalpsych_hospitals770-996-1900
Georgia Regional Hospitalpsych_hospitals404-243-2216 or 404-243-2217
Dekalb Crisis (Dekalb Residents Only)psych_hospitals404-892-4646
Dekalb Crisis (Dekalb Residents Only)psych_hospitals404-294-0793