Note: The recommendations below are JUST RECOMMENDATIONS/Reminders!

ASK another M.D., Check Epocrates, ask a pharmacist if your not sure.




Colace 100 mg PO BID Stool Softener

Senna 2 tabs QHS



Too much Potassium:

Kayexylate 60 mg PO or PR x 1 Now (or scheduled)


WAY too much Potassium:

  1. Get an EKG if peaked T waves (and call someone)
  2. 1 amp Glucose and 10 Units Regular Insulin (Drives K into the cells)
  3. Calcium Gluconate (stabilizes cardiac membranes)
  4. Recheck lab ASAP and make sure its not simply hemolized




Too little Potassium

1.      Kdur 40 meq PO (These are horse pills!)

a.       Other option- KCl Elixir 40 meq

2.      40 meq KCl IV (given in a bag of 500 cc of NS)


Magic Mouthwash: Useful for GERD symptoms


Contains ~ 10 cc viscous lidocaine, 40 cc Maalox, and 10 cc Donatol